A Job I Have For You


    A  job  have  for you today
    Do not delay you need
​    To start it right away!


     Don’t let life’s storms
     Put you off course I need you to stay
     Right with this job all the way
      Not just today.

​      Speak and sing
      Of Jesus our King again and again
      So in all people’s ears His name does ring.

        Speak and Sing 
        Of His total care do it everywhere
         At home at work and in the air.

      Speak and sing
      Of His perfect love again and again
      After all it is everyone’s perfect safety glove!


        ​It’s totally free no matter the task
       Let them know all they have to do is ask.

      Speak and sing
      Of Jesus our King.
      The love peace and joy
      That knowing Him brings

        June22  2013