Our Lord Is Able

​​This poem was inspired by a visiting preachers message on being sure we
do not take off God’s armour even when we are asleep.

​Our Lord is able
​  to do anything
  Fill, any canyon,
  Mend any hurt.

​over troubles is He
When openly,
​ His assistance seek we.
​He will,
​ for you,
​win the victory.

​Put on God’s armour,
​Wear it day and night.
Train yourself ready
​for the spiritual fight
Then, You,
Will win that fight.

​Satan is trouble
​with a capital T
Very sneaky ​and
​ convincing is he.

​So fill up
​your spiritual fuel tank,
Retrain yourself continually.
And you will,
​with Our Lord
Have the victory.

​© JEM 

​​Mark 10:27 NIV©2011
‘Jesus looked at them and said “with man this is impossible,
but not with God; all things are possible with God”’