Part of His Plan
This poem reflects reassurances God gave me recently when I had experienced a very trying day caring for mother.
Doing this by pointing things out from years ago that He was now using to strengthen me so I could bless others.

"God's name is a place of protection
people can run there and be safe."
 Proverbs 18:10 (The Message)

Sometimes life
​ just don't seem fair

Full of hurts worries and cares
But don't despair
There is a reason

Tis only one of God's seasons

Seasons placed strategically
Growing us until
We tell others enthusiastically
How He never ever fails to care
When we call out to Him in prayer

His timing,  His ways,
 we don't understand
Yet certain we can be....
​He's in control
AND it is all part of
​ His special master plan

It's many years later
We recognize the part it had to play
Enabling us
To be able to do His work today.

© poem JEM 2010 © photo IJH