Turn On The Tap.


We take the time to go to the sink

We turn on the tap without having to think

Whenever, of water we want to drink.

How often though do we stop long enough

To give God time to turn on the tap

So He can overflow our lives with blessings .

For God to turn on the tap

Fill us up and our lives overflow

He needs us to make the time

To be still and be quiet

Remove any clutter

Then He can show us just where

He has made the special gap

So the overflow doesn’t go down the gutter.

Clutter what clutter? I hear you ask

I work such long hours and so fast

So my resources to bless others last.

Satellites need clear lines of sight

For the signal to reach Earth alright

Storms of rain thunder and hail

Can, easily cause all transmissions to fail.

Being too busy, always rushing,

So you are not late

Disrupts God’s communication pathway

Causing the tap to block

So take time today to stop

Go somewhere quiet to listen & pray 

Clear the pathway

Allowing God to turn on His blessings tap

He will overflow your life with blessings

Whispering instructions so that the overflow

Down the right pathway does go

Getting to His intended destination

Perfectly on time.

©JEM 23rd May 2016