What God has done for me.
God first looked after me by ensuring I was born to loving parents on
the​ 9th January 1954.
He ensured even though mum and dad had clashing blood types I only got mild after effects mentioned below. (Many babies were severely disabled or died before birth with the RH negative factor in those days.)
2 ½ years later He gave mum the strength to carry on and do a good job raising my sister and me when dad died 8 months after contracting Polio
​​He provided me with a very loving stepfather when I was six .​
He ensured I got speech help at primary school.​
​ I hated this as a 7 to 9 year old! As I often would miss out on class swimming time because of speech. Speech consisted of learning many poems and rhyming jingles. As always He knew what He was doing ; 50 years in the future He’d use this for His work!​
Mum ensured we attended Sunday School ​
​​I was about 13 at a Presbyterian Easter Camp in Eltham, Taranaki
​when I gave my life to Him.
​He ensured I was accepted for and passed my Community Nursing course .
​​He gave me a passion for the elderly and significantly disabled.
In 1985 I fell in love and got married
​​God upheld , loved and often carried me through the next 17 years

If I had not known Him I would not still be alive !!

​​In early 1986 I became pregnant with our first son and we were really excited. Late October the specialist told me (when I was alone) at an antenatal appointment that there was a problem with my babies brain . I would probably have to have a Cesarian Section and baby would be almost 6 weeks premature and may be severely disabled and not live!
The pediatricians had other ideas and my precious son was carried to 38 weeks and while John has some significant disabilities
​God ensured I did not have a dead baby but a precious loving son.
Praise God heaps for giving the plumber whose own baby had hydrocephalus; the skills to design the first shunt to bypass the blockage . Without this dad thousands of babies world- wide would not have lived over the 20 years
before John was born including John!
God's hand was all over this !!
Consider the chances of the following all being coincidence.
•We were living 5 minutes away from a town with a specialist and Maternity Hospital.
•But My family doctor decided he wanted me to be under a New Plymouth specialist 30 minutes away where there were Pediatric Services available if needed. This was at the start of my pregnancy when all was going well.
• John's medical problems were only picked up on a routine scan under 6 weeks before he was born .The specialist closer to home (who I would normally have been under ) does not routinely scan in the last 9 weeks of pregnancy.
• If they had not been picked up and John had not been delivered by a Cesarian section my special son would have been born either dead or so disabled that he would have been unable to do anything for himself !!​
God carried me supporting me with Christian Music and Poetry while John went through 17 lots of brain surgery in his first 7 years of life. Including when John was about 18 months my marriage broke up due to my husband not admitting he wasn’t coping with the continued stress of John’s medical problems .
When John was about 15 he caught a very bad virus and lost heaps of weight , no doctor thought to check his blood medication levels and one level got far too high this caused him to become extremely violent without warning .
​God carried me giving me the wisdom to do a very difficult thing for any mother; to place John in care for my own and his 13 yr old brothers safety.​
In November 2006 I was listening to Life FM in the car one morning before going in to teacher aide the very high needs student I was working with, when I heard the quote “If God takes you to it He will get you through it” and thought to myself gee that will be really useful to share one day.
Under 36 hours later I was the one needing that quote to help me through
​God’s timing always perfect!​
Contact has always been maintained with John and God kept his brother and me safe when John came home for a two hour visit ; due to things earlier in the day John lost it putting James and my lives in danger for a short period.​
​During this period God prompted me to follow John’s brother and change churches I started attending City West Church where I could worship without well-meaning people always asking how John was. Amazing the difference this made and I found a much greater depth to my relationship with my Lord.
God gave me the wisdom
​ To see through my feelings and make the decision that John could never visit again unless accompanied by staff.
That night I cried out to My Lord what am I to do now ?
Next morning, I awoke still feeling shattered WHEN…… the room suddenly became full of God’s peace.
I thought I was ready for what He was going to tell me to do,
Both my sister and I were aware the time was coming when mum could not stay on the farmlet without someone living out there with her . She had made it very clear to us that she wants to live out her life there.. At the same time neither of us felt , while loving her deeply, we would never be able to fulfill this role Mum is by nature a strongly independent person with her own very definite views on things and had at that stage the early stages of two different types of dementia.
As soon as I was soaking up His Peace God said to me
“You are to sell this place and move out to live with and care for your mother, for me” I replied asking him “what was that last part ,Lord?” He replied“ you heard me, you can do it, act quickly. You are to move by the start of the school year” Several friends and extended family told me: “it won’t work,” “she’ll break you” “you can’t do it” BUT For the first time in my life I knew emphatically the devil was trying to derail my life and God’s plan .
​Ignoring all the comments I obeyed God .
​The house sold quickly before it was put on the market & for the required amount.
​ This was God’s confirmation to me.
​To say the next few months were trying is a major understatement. But with God’s helping hand, we made it through.​
Women’s conference 08: God gave me 3 messages.
​Go through the waters of baptism, tell your story, I am all and more than you need .
My water baptism in July 08
​Again the devil tried to derail this . I woke with an asthma attack that day which should have seen me in A & E not at church. No way was I missing my baptism, using heaps of Ventolin to get there .God’s awesome response HE removed troublesome asthma from my life that night.​
Only a few months later I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and God turned up massively the speed on the escalator of growth in my Christian faith.
​​Within weeks a Christian friend who didn’t know about it asked me what had changed. She said.“You have so much confidence,you don't panic anymore, you are sharing openly what has changed ?”​
God really ignited a passion to get Christian Poetry recorded and out there on CD at this stage.​Only a few weeks later He used a friend to challenge me to write some of my own.
I have recorded two CD’s as fundraisers for One Christian Radio.They are Poems to get you through and Poems to keep you climbing .Windows media player copies of these can be emailed to you . They are a mixture of my first few poems and those of other Christian poets whose permission was given .
​To obtain copies email j.cope@OneChristianRadio.co.nz. They cost 10.00 New Zealand each. Once payment has been received the tracks will be sent to you;they are windows media player files.
​ Nearly a year ago
​He healed 25yr old injuries to my neck and shoulder ligaments.
​5 months ago
​God prompted me to get over my technophobia and setup both website and join Facebook.
​ This site is a direct result of my obedience to Him .
He is waiting and wanting to look after and love you ; in turn using you to spread the good word . ​
​To sum up in the last 7 years God has taken me:​
​From someone who hardly spoke about their faith
To someone who can share openly
From someone who found study and bookwork hard
To someone who has completed half of a university diploma in the disability field by distance study.
From someone who enjoyed and got a lot of strength from Christian poetry and radio
To someone who is recording Christian poetry CD’s and after God challenged me thru a friend is also writing and publishing Christian poetry
From someone who was very nervous due to the recent past around their disabled son
To someone that has very recently gained a God given calmness when around him.
Recently we were going through some tough times with John but Our Lord had it under control and He was carrying both John and I through these times. Everyday that was hard that morning there was a very encouraging and strengthening scripture on that mornings email from www.godvine.com this continued the whole 10 days until 20th July 2012 when the situation was successfully sorted .Praise God

May you be blessed as you visit the different poems .

God Bless Janice Mannex